Selfies And Society and Assignments and Stuff

Having spent all last week with a class full of overly excitable four-to-five year olds, there was little time for university assignments, let alone blogging. Luckily I have such an effective strategy for success.


I am confused by ‘The Selfie’.

If you are confident with your appearance, that is wonderful. If you’re feeling particularly attractive today and want to share, then go ahead. If you want to provoke emotions, sure, produce a selfie filled with deep, meaningful intent. Perhaps you’re having fun with the camera and hope an audience will experience the same delight. Maybe you want to document an occasion, connecting you forever to a specific moment in time, and a photo serves that purpose perfectly well.

What I’m confused by are the selfies that lie. And by lie, I mean present themselves as something they’re not. The photos that flood social media, captioned along the lines of “dinner with grandma!”, when all they really show are close-ups of the photographers, who are striking the same pose that they have in countless photos before.

It’s not my business what people do with their time or what they choose to share, but after seeing so many of these seemingly irrelevant photos I do start to wonder why? Why do we share image after image of ourselves? Is it a status things? Is it to remind people that we exist? Are we so insecure about ourselves that we need others to reassure us with supportive comments and ‘likes’?

I suspect that it is all of those things. And probably more.

A sense of identity does not form by itself, but through our understanding of everything else. We are only tall because others are small. Clearly, a ‘selfie’ is an image of our self. A snapshot of who we are. And when cast out into the void of cyberspace, it holds the potential to yield public response.

So really, the selfie acts as a simple, almost instantaneous means of gauging our position in society and comparing ourselves to everyone and everything else. Context, my friends! Context shapes how we perceive the world. And since the world is saturated with media telling us how we should be and how we should act (often in contradictory and  unachievable ways), I guess it’s only natural that people would seek regular feedback on themselves.

I recently read that a young fellow was so concerned with his self-image that he grew addicted to taking photos of himself. He was so desperate to capture a picture that he was satisfied with that eventually, upon realising the picture would never be perfect, he tried to take his own life. Of course this is an extreme case, but it does highlight one of the points I’m trying to make. At what point does self-image become so important that it controls how people live their life?! O.O

Anyway, seriousness aside, I suppose blog posts are a bit like selfies too.

Here is my most recent selfie. Yeah baby. Who wouldn’t be jealous of this hot bod?! The camera loves me.
#mood-lighting #sexy #hashtagsareweird #dinnerwithgrandma

Selfie copy

Please like this in order to validate my self-worth.

Peace and fairy lights,


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Have a good week. :)


Happy (Belated) Valentines Day

As some of you may be aware, I like to keep up with the times.


My friends and I were gathered around the dining table, drinking tea and chatting casually about love and life. The conversation eventually turned to my own capricious endeavours, and one friend remarked that she felt quite awful for the poor lad who ever fancied me. When I asked why, she said that he’d never know where he stood, and I would be too lackadaisical to realise what was ever going on. Everyone else agreed that I could quite easily arrive at my own wedding, probably late, still wondering how I got there and whether the groom thought he’d made a mistake.

I considered everyone’s input for a minute, and then, in my best Mr T impression, said, “I pity the fool”, before returning to my tea and wondering how many cats I’d need to buy to compensate for what will apparently  be a solitary existence.

I’m thinking maybe seven.

In other news, life is actually going remarkably well and I feel like I’ve made the right decisions with this whole education gig. I should be a qualified primary school teacher this time next year. If all goes to plan anyway, and I hope that it will.

Have a good week everyone! Be back soon!


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That Awkward Moment


Life can be embarrassing. And embarrassing moments can stay with you for a very long time. Perhaps they were so cringe-worthy that they’re impossible to forget. Or perhaps you have friends so amused by an incident that they make sure it’s remembered forever, in order to preserve its full comedic value for the generations still to come. Whatever the reason for embarrassments lingering on, I think it’s important to look back on them and smile. Because if something is embarrassing, chances are that it is funny. And funny is good.

I have done everything I could possibly do to avoid my mountainous load of assignments, which is why I’ve returned here to procrasta-blog again. I expect you’ll be seeing more of me now.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.


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So December has been and gone, as has the entire year of 2013. January, it seems, was in a hurry as well. So Happy February folks! I hope this post finds you all well.

As to the state of affairs on this side of the screen, I’ve spent the last two months graduating from university, moving house, and trying not to panic over my first ever martial arts grading (which I somehow managed to pass – I suspect allowances were made for my blatantly obvious nerves). This, combined with more mundane activities, surprisingly frequent social commitments, and the world-altering invention of Christmas, meant I did not have much time to post.

And, let’s be honest, I’m a lazy blogger.

BUT! It is a new year full of new and exciting things, and perhaps I shall post more due to this great excess of newness. I am now preparing to start my graduate diploma in primary school education at a new uni. I’m also living in a new place for the first time in ages, after having spent the last four years in an old, memory filled house with the same much loved friends. It is sad to leave and see people go their separate ways, but I’m sure we’ll each make the most of the change.

Anywho, just wanted to say hello before attempting to post anything of substance.

I hope you’re all feeling as positive about 2014 as I am. Here’s to a good year!


Title ought to have been ‘Top Priori-tea’. I hope my only regret of 2014 is that missed opportunity for a spectacular pun.

Happy Chinese New Year!



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My Motivation Wave Machine

I’ve worked it out. Motivation comes in waves. Like ocean waves, along the Beach of Life. There you are, drifting infuriatingly close to The Shore of Productivity and Accomplishment, almost completely at the whim of these seemingly unpredictable waves, and you think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, the shore is within your reach.

Occasionally, a huge motivational wave will appear, and if you focus, you can ride it all the way to the shore. But other times you’ll be dumped before you hit the beach.

Sometimes you feel a wave rising beneath you, but by the time you’ve decided it might be worth catching, it’s already passed you by so you go back to floating and watching clouds and wondering what would happen if nothing ever happened at all.

And if, by chance, you do find yourself wondering what would happen if nothing ever happened at all, allow me to save you the trouble by telling you that the answer really is just that. Nothing.

Nothing happens.

At all.

Which is why we need to make our own waves.

Whether it’s as emotionally mature as setting goals, or as simple as shouting instructions inside your own head, make waves. Otherwise you’re left floating aimlessly along The Coast of Procrastination, thinking up metaphors that no one will ever need to use.

Waiting for motivation is the same as waiting for inspiration, in that it’s about as effective as teaching violin to a duck.


Find the funny.



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I’ll be back.

FML. That’s cray-cray!

I’m down with the lingo.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I actually love how adaptable language is. I like that words evolve. Personally, I’m more for the revival of the dictionary’s archaic words than the creation of this fluffy stuff, but hey, each to their own. Say what needs to be said. And at the risk of further degrading what was once a vaguely meaningful term, YOLO.

It’s not ITLAP Day today, but it was at some point during the year.

Anywho, these are raw scribbles from the previous post. Behold, Pip and Squeak with ears.  :)


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Haters gonna hate.