One more for good luck.

I got carried away. I hadn’t intended to post anything tonight.

Ah well, here’s a final reminder that Facebook is now the primary home of Pip and Squeak. If they interest you at all, please visit their page. A plentitude of gratitude to anyone who likes, shares, or follows along! ^_^


Warmest of regards! I probably won’t post here again for a while.



Friendly Reminder About The Pip and Squeak Facebook Page



Pip and Squeak comics will move/are moving/have already moved to a far more accessible Facebook page.

If they tickle your fancy, why not drop in to visit and then follow along?

All new followers will receive an invisible, teleporting dog.
I can teleport said dog directly to your door.
I take no responsibility for what happens to it after that.

Adventure Awaits

The Winds of Change are upon us, my friends. And yes, I am opening this post with something as excessively dramatic as The Winds of Change. They’ve been blowing for some time. Initially they were little more that a tickle of a breeze, but now they’re gales of quite exhilarating capacity, and all one can do is grab a hat, hold on tight, and be swept along for the ride.

No adventure should be embarked upon without a good hat.

Perhaps the most drastic of changes brought about by afore mentioned winds is the news that I am (ALMOST) definitely moving to Japan. I have (ALMOST) certainly been approved for a teaching job through the JET programme and I have (ALMOST) finished finalising all the paperwork that allows me to live the goal I’ve worked towards for the past 24 months.

So that’s a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, I shall be living there by July. I’m not sure what prefecture yet. There are still an unsettling number of things left uncertainly in the air. But, this is an adventure after all, so I’ll take it as it comes.

Keen observers may have noticed I’ve not posted here for a while, and that, I think, is due to a number of things. Life has been topsy turvy of late, what with graduating as a teacher, moving house, applying for that position in Japan, dealing with a potential but quickly avoided boyfriend, an unwell housemate, and teaching the English language (first to travellers, and then to my very own class). 2015 is turning out to be an eventful, very exciting year.

However, I don’t know if I’ll continue this blog. Being the self-critical perfectionist that I am, I’m in half a mind to delete the whole thing. This isn’t surprising, since I have a habit of completely eliminating things I created in the past. I wrote a (painfully dreadful) manuscript for a novel once when I was 18. I was so embarrassed when I found it years later that I shredded every page, placed it into a plastic bag, filled the plastic bag with water, allowed it to solidify to some extent, and then threw it all into the bin.

In hindsight, this was perhaps a little extreme.

BUT, even though I’m unlikely to post through WordPress much anymore, I’ll continue to write. I’m working on a few different projects, and am considering experimenting with other platforms too. Perhaps even Youtube, though that could be a terrible idea and something I’ll immediately regret.

In the meantime, Pip and Squeak have moved entirely to Facebook, where new comics are posted (usually) once a week. Feel free to visit their page, and like or follow along if you feel so inclined. They secretly love attention, so it would be hugely appreciated if they received your support. And your family’s support. And the support of your friends.

For those who really want to spread the love through the Book of Face, you’ll find that a ‘share’ option is placed (conveniently… attractively… seductively) beneath each comic you see. Every time you click it, five unicorns will be freed from deadly quicksand so you’ll experience immeasurable joy and an overwhelming sense of relief.


Anyway, all the best to you all! I hope 2015 has been treating you well and you continue to have an interesting year.

Let the adventures begin!


To infinity and beyond.

– Kate

Did I mention the Pip and Squeak Facebook page??
Oh I did?

The Thinkers and the Doers

I need a hug. Or a holiday. Or a decisive burst of self-confidence and discernible life-direction.

Or all of the above.

Here’s Pip and Squeak.


Regular programming to resume shortly. Perhaps. I don’t know.

I have plenty of procrastination to do, so you’ll probably see another comic within the week.

Sincerest of well wishes to you all.

Yours humbly,


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