The Thinkers and the Doers

I need a hug. Or a holiday. Or a decisive burst of self-confidence and discernible life-direction.

Or all of the above.

Here’s Pip and Squeak.


Regular programming to resume shortly. Perhaps. I don’t know. I’ll write better when brain works more. Or less. Or something.

I have plenty of procrastination to do, so you’ll probably see another comic within the week.

Sincerest of well wishes to you all.

Yours humbly,


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Pip and Squeak

In a rare act of reliability, I am posting the comic I said I would post on the day I said I would post it. So here is the latest Pip and Squeak, here to remind us of the joys of an open mind.

I like to think that all things deserve a chance.


I best be off.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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Ready to Ramble

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. Truth be told, I’m feeling a little frazzled, on account of every frazzling scenario occurring at the same frazzling time. And frazzledness leads to rambling I’m afraid. HOWEVER… one must stay positive about these things, as there is much to do whether we like it or not. May as well do it all with an attitude of forced serenity and calm.

So my teaching practicum this semester is with grade sevens: a whole new ball game compared to the kindergarten/prep class I had before! So far, it’s gone pretty well. Though there’re still plenty of things I need to be able to do, and I predict I’ll want a long holiday after I survive the next few months.

That being said, I enjoy the practicums. You learn so much through participation, and I rather like being involved with the community that exists within a school. There’s something great about a bunch of kids gathering in one place every day, learning about themselves and the world, managing their many relationships and tackling all the uncertainties that accompany growing up.

And they sure are a diverse lot! Hundreds of little humans, bustling about with their own stories, hopes and ideas. Sometimes I think that schools are snapshots of the future, and it makes me feel glad but strange in a vast, unexplainable way. Like the feeling you’d get if you were to return to a tree after several years and find it still growing, and Rafiki’s there holding a lion cub while the Circle of  Life plays in the background and bits of space rock jet across the sky and someone says, “look, a shooting star!”, even though stars don’t actually shoot and it’s just the universe gently reminding us that it’s there.

I’m not sure if that particular feeling has a word.

One of my university assignments last month involved a 20 day drawing challenge which I avoided until rather late, thus completing 20 spectacularly dismal drawings in the space of 2 days. Here is a sample of the more passable works.

My bookshelf, minus a few books.


A Picasso-esque picnic in the park.


A rushed attempt at Van Gogh’s sky.


And me in winter pyjamas. Yes, I sometimes wear a furry wolf hat to bed. I really am that cool.


Finally, I apologise for the scattered nature of this post, but all worthwhile thinking is being channelled into study at this stage.

I shall finish with an addictive Japanese song that you didn’t realise you needed to hear until now. Huzzah! This is ‘The Beginning’ by ONE OK ROCK, a seriously good Japanese band. Bit of trivia: this song also happens to be used for Japan’s favourite fictional sword-weilding pacifist, Himura Kenshin, in the first of the Rurouni Kenshin live action films. Veeery talented cast. Everyone did their own choreography/stunts! O.o

Much epic. :3
Listen and enjoy. Or not. As always, up to you.

I must away now.

Until next time,
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I almost forgot!

One last thing. Check out the hilarious lamp my friend gave me this week! I’ve named him Elvis.


And here is the dreamcatcher I made on the weekend. Not a great photo, I’ll admit, but it’s pretty neat what you can do with a hoop and some string!


See you on the flip side.


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Wisdom, as requested by no one.

Something nice seems to have happened since the start of 2014. I don’t know how, or precisely when, but somewhere along the line I’ve grown very comfortable in my own skin. I’ve said ‘yes’ to a lot of things that would usually have been met with a ‘maybe’ concealing a ‘no’. I’ve gone out of my way to speak with people for no reason at all. Met the neighbours. Joined societies. Considered and prepared a little for the boundless possibilities of the future. Worked towards goals. Answered the telephone. Stayed in touch with friends. Things have been good.

I think if I had the opportunity to impart my limited young-adult wisdom upon my younger self, I would simply say this:

Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, even if no one else gets what exactly it is you’re trying to do.

Pretending to be someone you’re not is exhausting and a waste of time, unless you’re conducting a bizarre social experiment out of boredom, or you’re an undercover spy. The people who matter are the ones who appreciate you for who you are, quirks and all. And by being honest with others and yourself, they in turn will be honest with you, and that honesty is a wonderful thing. We don’t all need to think the same way in order to get along. We don’t even need to share the same interests. We simply need to share.

Share anything. Stories. Spaces. Mutual friends. Food. Sharing brings people together, which is important, because no great achievement can be made by one person alone. People will have their differences, naturally, but difference is not synonymous with wrong. Be patient. Be open minded. Adapt.

Finally, stop worrying about everything that is wrong with the world. Focus on everything that is right, and try to replicate it whenever and wherever you can. Yes, humans make mistakes. We mess things up, sometime on a massive, devastating scale. But we are also capable of incredible change. And those changes start with individuals and the decisions we make. No one is inconsequential, even if they tried to be.

We are part of something important and big.

I think that’s enough ideals for now. I got carried away. Without further ado, here’s the latest Pip and Squeak.


Pip and Squeak: Solving world issues in the only way they know how.

All the best, friends!

Have a good week.


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Epiphanies and Priorities

There is something hypnotic about a butterfly on the highway. They completely disregard the oncoming cars, fluttering about in that frivolous, aimless style that appears as though practical aerodynamics is the furthest thing from their mind. They look so blithe from a bystander’s point of view. But when you’re hurtling towards them at 110km an hour, that clueless, carefree fluttering suddenly takes on a rather panicked vibe.

You barely have enough time to watch their swift approach and ponder their awareness of the situation before they bounce over your windscreen, swept away in the tumultuous airstream of your obnoxiously indifferent car. I like to believe that most survive and quickly forget the encounter, choosing instead to continue their quest for flowers while philosophising over the future of Butterfly Society and the perplexing point of their brief existence on Earth.

A girl can dream.

Anyway, I had an epiphany of sorts on the road trip I just took. I say epiphany, but it was more of an age-old realisation that you only live today once. Which is something people have recognised for a very long time, but it was useful to put things into perspective and do a bit of attitudinal readjusting again.

Basically, the conclusion I came to was this:


And not in the half-hearted sense of, “yeah, why not? I’ll give it a go.” But in the whole-hearted sense of, “this is what I want to do. This is what I need to do to get there.” And if I don’t end up exactly where I intended to be, at least I can say I gave it my best, and who knows? Maybe the proactive choices I plan to make now will take me in wonderful new directions that I hadn’t even considered before.

Of course, it’s all very well to decide to commit seriously to your goals, but knowing what you want is sometimes easier said than done. I guess it is important to be flexible, and to keep your options open in order to best prepare for change. I feel there’s a difference between being persistently determined and foolishly stubborn.

In a wave of near unprecedented motivation, I stayed up late devising (admittedly ambitious) plans and making lists. Despite being completely irrelevant to anyone else, here is a peek into the life goals of a barely grown up, barely organised, barely certain 23 year old girl.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.37.46 PM

Anyhow, here’s to dreams, however achievable they may be.



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